Friday, September 03, 2010

Testing Fate

The past two times that I blogged an update on the Every Way Wrap, I noticed a mistake. I would proudly take pictures and be amazed that it's coming along so quickly. Then while I review my posts I notice a wrongly crossed cable. Not far down really, just 4-6 rows, but enough to set me back 2 days.

I had these thoughts that I wasn't going to blog about this damn thing until I was done. I'm cursed. Or at least the wrap is cursed. Well, this is no way to blog a knitting life, so I'm living on the edge and testing fate.


The wrap has grown some since my last update... 20 inches to be exact. I've checked and rechecked my cables and things seem to be okay.

Do you want to see it all stretched out...


There you go. That's 47 inches of Every Way Wrap goody-ness. It has reached the annoying stage where it's bulky and a bit cumbersome. It wont be too long now. The full length will be 59 inches and 7 inches of that will be ribbing. I'm hoping to get more completed this holiday weekend. My Labor Day will be a Labor of Love. Cookie and Kisses!

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