Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Oh For the Love of Knitting...

Come this time next month I will be in Schaumburg IL going to STITCHES!!

Confirmation came in the mail the other day and boy am I ready to let loose. Each year seems to get bigger and better. It seems everyone I know will be there and we'll be Rockin' the Renaissance Baby!

I've had such a sweet tooth lately and gosh, with the farmer's market exploding with fruit I just had to do this up. It's a shortbread crust with cheesecake filling and fresh fruit on top. YUMMMM! I do have to confess that for the quick factor I used the ready-to-eat tub of cream cheese. I can tell the difference, but the shortbread crust is hand made... I went a little over board and it ended up about an inch thick.

In other special news, there is a new addition to the family over at Miss A's house. Isn't it just fab! Miss A has that sparkle in her eye. I don't think we'll be hearing much from her;)


A :-) said...

So glad you could come over and see the "new baby" :-D It IS fab!! I spun a little more on it this morning. It's fast, too!! Mega twist in the singles, I'm think thinking that's a learning curve and I should even out with more practice. You have to come again and try it out some more!!

k_purls2 said...

man, I always miss the registration. Is it too late? I'm going to pop over there and see. I'd like to say that I went at least once.

I love blueberries! And fruit tarts. OMG!